When The Unexpected Happens…

When The Unexpected Happens….

You may have noticed that I haven’t exactly been active in posting on my blog lately or even for that matter, sending out emails to all of you, who happen to pop in occasionally.

You may have wondered why…well now that the holidays have come and gone, I need to focus on something a little more important happening in my life.  Even though it was NOT expected, the time has come to share with you that I have breast cancer.

In October, I had a routine mammogram.  By November, I had a second mammogram and an ultrasound and just simply thought it was routine.  I should have known something was up when the radiologist made an appearance and did her own ultrasound and wouldn’t answer my questions.  She simply stated that I had two areas of concern in my left breast and that my doctor would be calling to set up a consultation with the breast surgeon.  WHAT!!!!  It was really all a blur as I left with tears in eyes to call my husband on my way back to work.

No sooner had I walked in the door at work, my primary doctor’s office called and said they recommended a doctor with the Norma Pfriem Breast Center.  Off to call and I immediately received an appointment for the following week.

Fast forward to the appointment.  As I sat in the room with my husband, in walked the most amazing and personable doctor I had ever met.  She was matter-a-fact, but gentle in her delivery.  She assured me that whatever the outcome, it was caught early enough and that she would schedule a breast biopsy the next week, just before Thanksgiving.

When I received the results of the biopsy after Thanksgiving, I guess I wasn’t surprised.   The team of doctors sat around and gave me my options and off we went to tell the kids, my Mom and family.  That was the hardest part of this.

I do know that over the next 8 weeks or so, I will be embarking on a new journey.  Mastectomy and reconstruction and in May/June, reduction of the other breast to even things up a bit.  Hopefully, if my lymph nodes are clear, no radiation or chemo will be needed.

I am not really a spiritual person and am handling this situation with LOTS of humor.  I was inspired to write this post after Carrie Fisher passed away the other day.  She once told an NPR reporter, “I think I do overshare,” Fisher says. “It’s my way of trying to understand myself. … It creates community when you talk about private things.”  I so agree.  I am an open book and hope that others who are going through this will understand that having breast cancer is a “community”.

So, off I go in two weeks for my surgery and as the end of the year approaches, I will have nothing but good cheer for the New Year and to bounce back to health.  Talk with you soon…and BTW, get your mammogram.